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Combination of Dagger and Wheellock Pistol

  • Dated: circa 1575–1600
  • Culture: German
  • Place of Origin: possibly Saxony
  • Medium: steel, wood
  • Measurements: L. 18 15/16 in. (48.1 cm); L. of blade 13 13/16 in. (35.1 cm); L. of blade (without tip) 11 11/16 in. (29.7 cm); L. of quillons 4 1/4 in. (10.8 cm); Cal. .29 in. (7.4 mm); Wt. 1 lb. 11 oz. (765.4 g)

Combination weapons usually were made as technical novelties and showpieces and therefore, often are highly decorated. The finely etched strapwork pattern on this example also is found on the best German firearms, edged weapons, and armor of the late sixteenth century. Before firing this dagger-pistol, the tip of the blade had to be removed, revealing the muzzle of the gun barrel.

Source: Copyright © 2014 The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Medieval Sword

  • Made in the 10th - 11th century style
  • Dated: 19th century
  • Measurements: overall length 94cm; blade length 80.5cm; handle length 9cm; quillon 19cm; blade width 6.8cm

The tang is bare with no grip and has a guard which curves downwards with a brazil nut pommel. The pommel button is barely visible and has bonded perfectly with the pommel almost removing any signs of a seam. The blade a double edge with multiple fuller.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Antiques Armoury

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